Communication Intelligence for Resilience

Communication Intelligence for Resilience

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When people are uncertain, the most critical skill is to communicate in a way that creates comfort and seeing the future. This becomes even more critical when communication might not be face to face. Unfortunately, virtual communications often lead to misunderstandings as the context and emotions might be misunderstood. It is therefore paramount to resonate in your communication with others.

People must be equipped with the ability to understand how people differ in their preference in communication.   Some people like detail, some like the big picture, some like emotions and some like structured communication. If you do not understand this, you will communicate in your preference and completely lose out on communicating effectively.

People need to ensure that they can alter the way they communicate … or face the consequences.

Knowing your preference will empower you to communicate with clarity during crisis situations and formulate effective messages and conversations that will make people more committed to your interaction with others.


2interact’s framework consists of what people communicate and how they communicate.

Communication Styles (the what) consist of:


Analytical           – facts and detail

Methodical        – structure and sequential

Connected         – emotions and empathy

Visionary            – big picture and new ideas

Communication Behaviours (the how) consist of:


Competing        – my way and directive

Avoiding            – not urgent or too little info

Accommodating – your way and agreeing

Collaborating    – our way and give/take



The award-winning 2interact communication framework, developed over the last 12 years, considers the uniqueness and differences of individuals. This effective framework is used to build messages and communicate with clarity.

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