Entrepreneurial Revolution: Ending needless failure

Entrepreneurial Revolution: Ending needless failure

Michele du Plessis

Speaking to an established entrepreneur revealed that he initially thought that you only start your own business if you cannot get a job. Then, you climb up the corporate ladder and retire very rich. Over time the truth became apparent, your true destiny lies in becoming an entrepreneur and or start your own business. If you work for a boss, you are fulfilling their dreams and needs, not your own. As an entrepreneur, you know what your mission on earth is and what contribution you must make, says Luther Diedericks, Managing Director of SABUSINESSHUB(Pty)Ltd (SABH).

In 2005, Luther started SABH. “I wanted to leave a legacy where people in business and those that support them, will flourish. In 2015 I had doubts that I would be able to fulfil this for South Africa.

I moved to the West Coast in 2016 and saw the potential in this area for my initiative. I thought I would start small and realistic and worked towards it,” Luther continued.

In March this year, the COVID-19 the pandemic struck South Africa, resulting in the nation-wide lockdown. “I just knew what was going to happen and I’ve been working unabated since then, for more than 20 hours a day for the past four months to be able to unleash the Entrepreneurial Revolution. Now, it came to fruition as I rolled it out on the 1st of June in the West Coast,” Luther said.

According to Luther South Africa had a very high failure rate, even before the pandemic.  Up to 80% of businesses that start up do not last for five years. It’s a worldwide trend; business is not for the faint-hearted. Those that make it and become great, they have what it takes. There are great opportunities, but entrepreneurship is not intuitive to all, it needs to be fostered” Luther said.

There is, however, a solution to the problems that new –and existing- entrepreneurs face. “The Solution must be inexpensive–affordable to all. It must be ubiquitous–available anywhere, anytime; it must be self-directed (DIY)–you choose your adventure. The solution must be

Principles-Based –to work for any business and endlessly deep –able to plug into Specialists – coaches, mentors and advisors. It would help a lot if we can have some form of incubation and acceleration because worldwide trends show that you have a 70% success rate if you nurture both your start-ups and growth businesses,” Luther explained.

Self-directed learning


      Self-directed incubation/acceleration                                                               

Self-directed learning and incubation/ acceleration as depicted are available for entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur goes through the development on their own. If support is needed, they can reach out to the mentors to help and support them. It works like a spiral; you go through the cycle for a start-up and it is repeated on each level of the aspects that need to be addressed on the next maturity level.

The business service hubs will render a one-stop-service to entrepreneurs who are members of SABH. To complement their expertise base, business service hubs will enter collaborative agreements with service providers and local government service agencies.

Are you ready for the Entrepreneurial Revolution in the new world? Are you ready to grasp your entrepreneurial dreams with both hands and to make a success of it? If your answer is a resounding ‘yes’, please visit www.sabusinesshub.co.za. To find out how you can be part of the revolution, please email Luther at luther.diedericks@sabusinesshub.co.za

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