Is your business ready to thrive?

As an entrepreneur, I know what it means to build a business and what it means to lose it all. More than that, I know what it means to use the rubble to build something beautiful again. That is why the story of the SAB Foundation’s Tholoana Enterprise Programme is one that needs to be told over and over again. It is a story of turning cracks into beauty.

More than 190 emerging entrepreneurs in all nine provinces have boosted their success after being part of the programme, businesses saw a 57% growth in turnover growth and more than 1400 jobs were created as a result. The programme has been designed to improve business systems and processes as well as offer support to the business owner. This is something that has been welcomed by entrepreneurs, especially when they felt the strain of having to keep their businesses closed because of the lockdown. For example, in a recent poll, 89% of businesses on the programme said they were not under great financial stress due to the support available.

Some businesses have grown from being participants to mentors on the programme

Between 2015 and 2020, The SAB Foundation and Fetola have invested countless hours and millions of Rands to support and develop entrepreneurial skills in women, youth, persons with disabilities, and people in rural and peri-urban communities, and areas where there is limited access to employment prospects.

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