West Coast Peninsula Community Forum Be the change for Good Governance

Michele du Plessis                                                                                               
Do you want to see a drastic change in your municipality in 2021?
This is your moment of opportunity to join the community that will make it happen. A call was made for all communities across South Africa by the RRR-movement, to register a Community Forum to participate in the next Municipal election. We answered the call and established the West Coast Peninsula Community Forum which will serve both the Saldanha Bay and Bergrivier municipal areas. Our application for registration is being considered by the IEC. “The vision of the RRR-movement is to give powerful expression to the voice of the Ecclesia in promoting good governance in South Africa.
It is not a political party, but a civil initiative to make leaders truly accountable to the citizens who elected them and to best practices in government. Building a government that is competent, transparent and future-focused is an urgent priority. Our basic philosophy is: When the righteous govern the people rejoice. We particularly take a strong stand against corruption, unethical behaviour, unfair economic inequality, injustices and racist conduct.” Excerpt from the Raising Righteous Rulers Manifesto, available on  the website www.rrrsa.org. If we want to see a change in LOCAL GOVERNANCE, we need to be the catalyst for change.

It starts right here and right now!
Please join our Community Forum.
From our midst, we will nominate at least 29 candidates to stand in each of the wards of Saldanha Bay or Bergrivier. Local Government Elections 2021 and Independent Candidates Call to Action Community-driven Model – A recipe for good governance. Please join our community as a member without any fees.
Send an email to lutdie@mweb.co.za .

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